Volleyball is one of the most exciting, popular and challenging        sports in the world today!

High quality training in the critical skills of volleyball help athletes, coaches, and parents:

Welcome to your best volleyball training!
  • Prevent Needless Injuries 
  • Play More Efficiently and Productively
  • Play with Confidence and Consistency 
  • Develop Critical Skills that allow for advanced strategies and playing
What's Different about our training?
"Dick Powers' knowledge and experience in volleyball are by far the best around."  

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"Our daughter had played with another club for five years prior to joining Powers. 

We truly feel she received the best instruction from Powers."  

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At Dick Powers Volleyball, we understand the way young athletes LEARN.  We're not just coaches, we're teachers first.  We guarantee our results in:
Critical skill footwork patterns
Overcoming poor training habits
Improving healthy habits
Safe arm-swing mechanics
Knee-injury prevention training
Increased ball control success
On-court leadership
Internal training systems
Advanced training guidance
Enhanced learning progress
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August 25, 2016

Thank You for coming to the Dick Powers Volleyball website.

Due to rules, I/We can not work with high school teams during their playing seasons. 

DPV can work with individual athletes needing diagnostics of their play.

Currently, we are also offering Personal Small Group Training.

We can also advance the collegiate recruiting of current student-athletes in grades 8 - 12.

If You or anyone You know would care to receive first news of upcoming opportunities, please email powersvolleyball@outlook.com and provide any email addresses to which DPV Newsletters should be sent.

Goals for All Athletes Training with Dick Powers Volleyball
Make Your Highest Available School, Club, and Collegiate Team, 
Get to Start, Get to Play, Get to Play All The Time,
Be Nominated by Your Coaching Staff for Post Season Recognition(s)
Earn Your First Varsity Letter  
Pursue Collegiate, Professional, and Olympic Play
Then, Continue Your Training Process Again for Further Achievements.

Please Note: Below are programs intended to become available in 2017.  Click on the "Learn more" links to see the history of what's upcoming.  The information in the Credentials Philosophy Teaching box is current.  
As we say, "From Your First Successful Serve over the Net Through Your Collegiate Career - Y E S !